Cable & Harness

For applications in various industrial sectors Honey Badger Technology develops and manufactures a wide range of cables or custom made cable harnesses.

Honey Badger Technology is your favored partner for the development and production of cables, cable assemblies and wire harnesses. With 13 years of experience, we have our cables installed in a wide range of industrial applications in various market segments.

We provide the latest techniques in cable and wire processing, such as:

  • semi- and fully automatic cutting, stripping and crimping wire combined with automatic crimp height and crimp force monitoring
  • mounting a wide range of cable and wire contacts
  • manual or automatic soldering
  • multifunctional testing

We are able to very quickly respond to specific requests of the customer. All our cable assemblies are 100% tested in order to make sure you can rely on a product that meets the highest quality standards.