Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is EMS?

Electronic Manufacturing is a manufacturing service that involves testing, manufacturing, distributing and return/repair services for electronic components and assemblies. The concept is also referred to as electronic contract manufacturing. If required, it also involves design services used in conceptual product development advice and mechanical, electrical and software design assistance. Testing services perform in-circuit, functional, environmental, agency compliance, and analytical laboratory testing.

2. Why outsourcing to Honeybadger-ems?

Companies today are constantly under pressure to stay ahead of their competitors. Companies have to get their product to the market faster while balancing internal resources and budgets. Outsourcing can be an attractive solution to these problems for several reasons:

  • Un-burden your own production line: hectic schedules means that companies do not always have the time or personnel available to meet deadlines or to dedicate to R&D. We can step in and lighten a client's workload so they can respect their targets.
  • Access to technologies: The learning curve for new technologies is often long, therefore consuming time and money. By outsourcing, companies can bring expertise on board quickly and save resources.
  • Time-to-Market: A faster development cycle means that our clients can reach their market faster, ahead of their competitors and capture a greater market share and more revenue.
  • Burden sharing: Companies have to focus on their core business activity. By outsourcing the design and development process, they can devote more time and energy to satisfying market needs or concentrating on strategic objectives. We however aim to be more than a simple solution to your problems. We aim to be a technological partner, cooperating strategically as well as technically with our clients. We are committed to our client’s success.

3. Which kind of products are suitable for EMS?

Basically any product for any industry. Cables & cable harness, consumer & industrial electronics, mechanical devices, metal and plastic housings, etc.

4. Will it save me money?

Yes. You will have immediate access to those specialists who best take care of your project.

5. Who ownes the products?

You are the owner of the products, prototypes, plans, housings, molds etc.

6. Is it possible to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Honeybadger-ems?

Sure.We will be glad to protect your intellectual properties.