Electronic Manufacturing Services

PCB Assembly

We can do conventional through-hole, surface mount technologies (SMT) on both rigid and flexible circuits, and BGAs (Ball Grid Array) and perform multiple quality assurance procedures before final assembly, which may include visual inspection, X-ray Inspection, AOI (Automated Optical Inspector), ICT (in-circuit testing), functional testing, Prototyping and Lead-Free (RoHs compliance) PCB assembly.

Cable Assembly

Our customized cable assemblies and cable harness ranges from simple jumpers to power cables, data cables and complex harnesses. They are used in a wide variety of applications and industries or communication applications to interconnect components, sub-systems and equipment.

Turnkey Product Manufacturing

Honeybadger-ems is a one stop shopping destination for your complete project. Benefit from our capabilities in assembling complete integrated electronic systems where we take full responsibility of PCBA mounting into housings (including mechanical integration and cabling), software loading, tests, packaging, documentation and worldwide logistics .

Custom housings: plastic molding and metal stamping

We are specialized in custom plastic injected housings in a variety of materials as well as stamped metal housing using progressive die or die-cast housings in zinc or magnesium. Our services include CNC molding, Plastic Injection, Metal stamping, Surface treatment (hard coating, anti reflection coating...) as well as 3D printing.

LED light with LGP light system


Our tests include In Circuit Testing, Functional Test, System Testing, Burn in Testing

Product inspection

In order to overview production and guarantee quality control, we are able to have our people on-site at the factory for product inspection during any part of the process.