Electronic Manufacturing Services

What products are we talking about?

  • Printed Circuit Board, Flexible PCB, Lexane
  • PCB assembly: Pin-through-hole & Surface mount
  • Bare bone assembly
  • Plastic Injection moulding
  • Finished Product Assembly: Turnkey Product Manufacturing
  • Quality Control: In-Circuit Testing, Functional Testing
  • Cable Harness, LCD Supply
  • Prototype & mass production


Why use our services?

  • Honey Badger Technology Electronic Manufacturing Services is an expansion of your activities without investing any money. You can un-burden your own production line through outsourcing.
  • High quality for competitive prices
  • Cheap production facilities of high technological standards are at your service.
  • Quantities are not important. Projects for prototyping or mass production: everything is handled in an even way.
  • No communication worries: we employ Taiwanese nationals with profound knowledge of the industry.
  • Transparancy in cost of materials.


How do we work?

You can send us a bill of materials (BOM) with, if required, drawings, layout etc. Depending on the scale of the project, we will send you a detailed offer within a reasonable delay (5- 14 days). We function as the bridge between you and the manufacturer and will make sure that all issues are handled properly.

Of course, we also take care of import, transport and delivery of the goods.


Please contact Wald Dyckhoff for more information, a quote, or any inquiry.
Email: Honeybadger-ems
Telephone +32 (0)3 226 93 54